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Spirit Airlines Customer Service Number for Online Flight booking & Reservation Deals

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Spirit Airlines is an American low-cost-carrier based airline company, headquartered in Miramar, Florida. Spirit Airlines manages their flights in United States and in the Caribbean islands, as well as in Latin America. Their operational units are at Atlantic City, Chicago-O’Hare, Dallas/Fort Worth, Detroit, Fort Lauderdale, Las Vegas and Orland.


Origin of Spirit Airlines was in 1964 as a Clippert Trucking Company. Further it changed it’s name to Ground Air Transfer Inc in 1974. The airline service was instated on a chartered basis in1983, by Ned Homfeld in Macomb County, Michigan.

Basically he was Detroit-based charter tour operator, who used to deliver travel and tour packages to entertainment destinations, such as Atlantic City, Las Vegas and Bahamas.

During 1990’s, charter one started scheduled service from Boston and Providence, Rhode Island to Atlantic City. On May 29, 1992, Charter One launched jet aircraft into the fleet and labeled it with a new nomenclature that is Spirit Airlines.

Features of Spirit Airlines 

  •        They deliver an ultra low-cost-travel base fare to their customers with a personnel item.
  •        You can personalize your voyage by adding extra crucial options to you.
  •        You can customize your trip either by savings or through any expenditure.
  •        Simple and easy online booking.
  •        Reliable, time efficient service and fuel efficient too.
  •        Friendly staff and employees.

How to book Spirit Airlines flight tickets online?

Visit Spirit Airlines website in your browser. You will get booking options regarding flights, cars, hotels and entire vacations. For flight booking click on flight tab.

  • Spirit Airlines provides their services with specific airports only which you will get in drop down menu.
  • Select the date of your journey and number of people travelling.
  • Once you click on search flight tab, you will get different fare options alert.
  • You will get options between connecting flight or direct flight.
  • If you are selecting connecting flights then mark the relevant gap between them.
  • While making bookings buy a carry-on or checked baggage. Before checkout you will get an alternative for additional baggage for your trip.
  • Well it’s quite a cheap deal but charges may vary depending on your destination and size of baggage.
  • If you are okay with random seating arrangements, then you are not required to pay any amount. But if you wish to have a particular seat then you have to pay.
  • Do online flights check-in to avoid any charges before your flight.
  • Click on check-in tab and enter your last name and confirmation number, then tap on submit.

You can save almost half of your fare charges if you book your tickets through booking counter at airport. Thus if you are going in a group you can save a lot. As they don’t need to pay 7.5% federal excise tax on fees, this turns up cheap for customers.

Spirit Airlines customer Service:

You can visit Spirit Airlines customer support team for manage your bookings. They provide complete information regarding your reservation. Following information you can explore via customer support team.

Baggage: You will get info regarding their baggage policy. You can check out the weight and size limits of bag. You can visit their official website for more detail information regarding baggage allowance. Such as travelling with pets, medical equipments, sports kits and all. In some cases wheelchairs, car seats, strollers may be checked or carried on free of charge.

Seats: You can enquire about seating arrangements. About the charges for seat assignments, BIG FRONT SEAT and all.

Online check-in: You can get information regarding online check-in and boarding pass. As check-in starts 24 hours before and lasts till an hour prior to departure. So you can purchase seat assignments or last-minute bags as get are cheap online than at the airport.

Travel info: Here you can know about cancellation and refund policy. What are the policies regarding unoccupied minor/children? How can you receive your reservation credit or Future Travel Voucher?

Packages: You can get entire vacation package information. Such as how can you use promotional code for vacation package? There are more categories. You can visit their official website for further information.

Special Needs: If you are travelling with someone having special needs, you can contact their customer support team about all the assistance and policies of special needs. Suppose you have a requirement of wheelchair assistance, what is it’s procedure and all.

Well Spirit Airlines has a quite affirmative response among their flyers, as they have appreciated their services and policies. You may contact to their reservation number for wide details regarding your booking.

Wait! Do not cancel your flight. First, read out the policy,

1.    Try to Change in cancellation fees before you book the ticket

2.    Keep a reminder about the 24-Hour Rule as the policy states

3.    Stop making the payment unless you are asked

4.    Book according to your desire for One-Way vs. Round-Trip Flights

5.    Serve relevant reason when canceling

6.    Inspect your credit card coverage

7.    Get quick status

Need a more detailed policy? Look here,

Tickets reserved 7 days (168 hours) or more before the flight takes off on the scheduled date is formed for free changes and cancellations within 24 hours of the scheduled date when the flight got booked. Spirit grabs your ticket for 24 hours and then charges you once the 24 hours end. Therefore, the time you end booking your ticket, it will be posted on the credit card statement with a 24-hour delay respectively. However, Spirit will clasp the funds on your credit card.

Getting true knowledge in regards to Spirit Airlines flight booking seems to be easier but in certain cases, it does not permit to book or screens some error, for this, the passenger can get connected with the Spirit Airlines customer support number which has 24 by 7 assistance round the clock. Bring your flight-related query and put on the best solution during or before your journey takes place.

We guess you need your money back after cancellation. Is it so? First, go through the refund policy

Some charges seem to be pressured on the passengers for canceling the flight tickets. The passengers can opt for Spirit Airlines Ticket Refund Policy for making the refund of the canceled flight tickets with Spirit Airlines.

The passengers have that power to make changes or cancellations at no cost if the ticket gets canceled within 24 hours of the booking of the flight tickets. If the passenger’s desire is to cancel the reservation before 24 hours from booking or considered less than 7 days before the travel, then cancellation fees will be charged on the passengers for flying far away destinations. The remaining amount of the payment will be credited back to the bank account whose details have been delivered by the passengers while booking the tickets.

Well, here is your 24 by 7 assistance by Phone Number


Get the amazing traveling experience with Spirit Airlines. You can have useful information for the flight booking, check-in, along with manage booking task with true information. Moving with this fact, if the passenger is willing to acquire the change of getting a flight reservation with Spirit Airlines, then he should have perfect guidance so that you can be sure to reserve your flight in advance. It is important if you are working with the reservation process before two to three months. If you face any kind of trouble you have one robust option which is Spirit Airlines Customer service that helps to offer easy and simple advice in order to reserve your flight quickly.

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