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Recover SbcGlobal Account Password through Alternative Email & security Question, Change password

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SbcGlobal – it is the subsidiary of AT&T, initially they used to provide services in regions as Arkansas, Kansas, Missouri, Oklahoma, Texas and even some area of lllinois. They deal in telecommunication industry. They have their headquarter located at Whitacre Tower Dallas, Texas, United States, its official site is

SbcGlobal Password recovery –

passwords have become an essential part of our life however they have their own advantage and disadvantage linked with it, at times there is a very strong possibility that one can forget the same. One has to ensure that password should be strong enough so that its purpose should not get defeated it is always advised that password should be a combination of letters, digits and symbols. In case if the user does not remember the password this does not mean that the individual will not be able to access the account as the password can be recovered by the following means

SbcGlobal Password recovery options – one can recover the password through using the alternative email id or by answering the security questions, however one has to ensure that they know the email address or the user name

SbcGlobal Password Reset through email – 

in order to reset the password through email one has to take the following actions

  • One has to go on the login page
  • Click on the Forgot SbcGlobal password, one will be redirected to password reset  
  • Tick the password box, one will be required to enter the username and the last name and hit o continue
  • Among the listed options, please click Send me a temporary password
  • One will get the temporary password in the recovery email.
  • Enter the temporary password in the given field, then enter the new password and one will also be required to re write the password for the conformation purposes

SbcGlobal Password Reset through security question –

Please take the following steps to recover the password by the means of this mode

  • AT the very first, one has to go on the login page
  • Click on the option password
  • Enter the essential details as email address and last name and click continue
  • Among the available option, click on I’ll answer my security questions these questions are the ones which were answered by you while setting up the account and hit continue
  • One is required to follow the instructions on the page
  • Once the individual is on this page, one will be required to enter the new password and re – enter the same for the conformation

How to change SbcGlobal password –

Password makes us feel more secure hence it is always good to be password protected and it  is also advisable to keep changing the password from time to time , one can do by taking the steps as follows

  • First and foremost, go on the login page
  • Click on password option
  • In the required field enter the email address and password in order to login
  • Look for the option email settings and click on change the password
  • In the given field one will be required to enter the email address
  • One can enter the new password, click on ok and save the changes
  • Once all the steps have been performed, kindly close the window and can use the new password to access the email


SbcGlobal two step verification using the phone number –

  • Go on the Login Page
  • Enter the required login details in order to Log in
  • Look for the option Account info and click on the same
  • Click on 2-step verification which one can see under the option of Sign-in and security tab
  • In order to turn on slide the option
  • In the given field one, one will be required to enter the phone number, if the same is already there then hit on option Send SMS
  • One will get the verification code on the phone number mentioned
  • In the provided field enter the verification code

By taking the steps mentioned above, one will get the code on the phone number when one will try to log in the account

Top tips for the password –

  • It is advisable that the length of the password should be at least 8 characters
  • It has to be a unique password
  • It should be changed from time to time
  • One important thing which should always be taken care that one should never write the password
  • Password should not be easily guessable as it is on the higher risk of being compromised
  • On should not keep passwords in the same pattern just that it can be easily remember

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