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How to upgrade your seat on Delta Airlines?

Wednesday, 25 November, 2020 635 Views

Passengers can upgrade their seat booked with Delta Airlines. Upgrading allows you to avail extra comfort and luxury during your journey. If you have backache or you are wishing to fly in premium class, then you can upgrade your seat on Delta Airlines easily. After upgrading, you need to pay the difference in fare amount of the travelling class.

Types of Delta Upgrades

Passengers can get Delta airlines reservations by visiting the Delta Airlines website or they can visit the airport counter and make their reservation in minutes. Once the reservation is done, you can upgrade your seat in few easy steps and make the payment. Delta Airlines offers many types of seat upgrades. This upgrade includes:

Complimentary upgrades: Passengers in First class and Comfort class can make this upgrade. However this upgrade is available for 50 selective destinations in United States.

Global upgrade certificates: Passengers who are diamond medallion elite members can upgrade their seat in Delta flights.

Regional upgrade certificates: Passengers who are platinum and the diamond elite members can make an upgrade in their domestic flights.

Mileage upgrade awards: passengers who have booked their tickets in Y, B, M, H, Q, or K fare classes can upgrade their seats in Delta Airlines under the Mileage Program.

Complimentary companion upgrades: Passengers who have booked their seat in Delta as Medallion Elite members can avail the facility of this upgrade.

Same-day standby upgrades: Passengers have to pay a fee for their upgrade if done on the same day of the departure.

How to upgrade seat in Delta Airlines?

Open Delta Airlines website and log in to your account.

Go to “Manage Account” section and click on the ticket you want to upgrade.

Click on “Upgrade My Reservation” option to proceed the up-gradation.

You can upgrade using the available miles or cash. Or you can pay the upgrade amount using the credit card.

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