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How To Restore iPhone From Backup?

Thursday, 6 June, 2019 840 Views
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Helen Garner

Thursday, 6 June, 2019

How To Restore iPhone From Backup?

What if it is a smart device from Apple? Things can go wrong even with an iPhone and you can experience something big that requires immediate action like restoring your device from a backup. So, basically, when your smart device starts facing difficulty in tracking your location or it gets unable to connect to LTE network/ Wi-Fi, you can get it back on the track again via restoring it from a backup through iCloud. Here are explained few simple steps in detail that you can follow to restore your iPhone and get rid of issues.


  1. It is important that you make regular backups of your phone data. By doing this, you will always be ready for restoring your device without fearing of data loss. You can empty your device via iCloud or you can connect it to your computer and start backing it up via iTunes.

  2. Now, for restoring your phone from a backup, you will have to delete all of your mobile content. You must remember here that only the data that is not synced in any of the cloud based services like iCloud will be lost during the process. Remaining data is kept securely and you will be able to restore it once you have done with the process.  


Before proceeding to the third step, it is important for you to note that there are two sorts of methods that you can use for restoring your device. The first process lets you do so by using iCloud and in another method you will have to use iTunes to achieve the purpose. Let’s begin with the first method.


Once you have restored your smartphone data from its recent backup just follow the points given here:


  1. As soon as you see the hello screen, press the Home button

  2. Tick your favoured language

  3. Then, click on the country or region

  4. Select a Wi-Fi network to sing into it

  5. You will see Location Services icon. Just enable or disable this feature

  6. Now, the time is to setup Touch ID

  7. You will be taken to the Apps & Data Screen where you will see Restore from iCloud Backup link

  8. Now, give your Apple ID and Password on allocated space on this prompt

  9. Agree to the Terms & Conditions

  10. Select the most recent backup from the list of older backups stored on iCloud.


You are done! For the second method in which you will be using iTunes for restoring your cell phone, wait for our next post.

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