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How To Resolve Google Play Downloading Pending Issue?

Wednesday, 22 May, 2019 811 Views

There is a quick fix to this problem, guys, so don’t panic, just keep reading this post! So, here you go!

While downloading some content from Google Play Store, many Android users may face download pending issue that they can resolve very easily. When this problem arises, users cannot download their desired application at a faster pace as the Android system of their device might have issues with allocating a place for that application in the internal memory of the device. Before proceeding further, you must understand this first that the Android system of your smartphone makes some room for your desired application in the phone’s internal memory and creates a supporting data file for this application to work properly on the mobile phone. Due to some errors, this system cannot function properly and hence, users face Google Play Store download pending issue.


To resolve this problem all you have to do is to go to the phone’s menu to look for Settings. Once you are there and found the Settings, just click it on. Now, tap the Apps & Notifications icon. Now, press All Apps button. Find out Google Play from the long list of your phone applications. Click it on. Then, press App Permissions, then toggle SMS and Phone options. Then, go back to the prior prompt and click on the Storage option. Clear the cache memory and storage to reset the application. Now, just open the Google Play Store on your device and download whatever you wish at high speed.

If you still face problem in downloading applications from this popular app, stay positive as here is another method to get around this issue. Just click on the Settings icon and press open the All Apps. Tap the four dots shown on the top right corner of your mobile screen. Press show Systems to see huge list of system apps on your cell phone. Find out Download Manager and open it. Now, tap on the Storage to clear the cache memory and storage for this application like before. This will reset the Download Manager application. To check if the problem is fixed, just go to Google Play Store and start downloading your favourite application. If you can download it without any error, you have fixed the download pending issue with your Google Play Store application.

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