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How To Recover Google Account Password?

Thursday, 6 June, 2019 1391 Views
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Alex Cooper

Thursday, 6 June, 2019

How To Recover Google Account Password

Even before you need to recover your Google account password, provide enough security information to this service provider during the registration of a new account with it. This will let Google provide so many ways for account recovery in case you have lost your account’s key. So, for recovering your crucial data stored on Google account, the first thing you need to do is to go to the Account Recovery page. Click on the option I Don’t Know My Password then enter your email address before hitting the Continue button. If your phone number is linked to your Google account, you can get a text message containing verification code on your number. Via using the verification code, you can reset your Google account password in a matter of few seconds.


However, if you forgot to link your mobile number to your Google account, don’t worry as there is another way to get around this problem. In this method, you can go to Verify Your Identity section for answering security questions in order to prove that you own the account you are looking for password reset.


Sometimes, users forgot to provide Google with any recovery information such as mobile number or security questions while registering a new Google account for them. Under this circumstance, the chances for account recovery are just fifty-fifty. This means that if you have recently closed your email ID in your system, you can try to retrieve it via opening your web browser. For this, you will have to explore your browser’s history for finding inbox or Gmail. Now, the next step requires you to figure out if this inbox or Gmail reveals your username or email ID. If yes, you are almost done with Google account recovery process.  


There is one more way towards problem solving and this requires you to manually verify your identity if in case you don’t have access to your registered email ID or phone number. For manually verifying your identity, just visit Google’s account recovery page. On this page, enter your email address and click on Continue button. On the next prompt, touch I Don’t Know option for password. Instead of it, select verify Your Identity option to be able to provide answers to all the security questions. If the information provided by you is as accurate as it possible, Google will let you recover your account in just a few minutes.

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