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How to Cancel United Airlines Flight Ticket? [Cancellation and Refund Policy]

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An experienced workforce of more than 88,000 people is helping United Airlines in 118 international and operating 238 domestic destinations. The airline company which was founded almost a century ago is currently operating 5000 plus daily flights based on 790 aircraft. Its massive fleet comprises Boeing and Airbus. Founder Walter Varney, CEO Oscar Munoz, President Scott Kirby, Chairman Jane Garvey, and CFO Gerry Laderman are managing its services with a professional edge. United is globally appreciated for its flawless passenger care services, unique features, and exclusive entertainment options. The features that make United Airlines among the most popular airline companies are multi-featured seatback entertainment system, availability of popular TV shows, complimentary ear-buds, DIRECTV®, and on-request headphones. Today you will learn how to cancel My United Airlines flight ticket along with the policies associated with the cancellation.


United Airlines Ticket Cancellation Policy

To know the refund, you need to go through the cancellation policies made by the airline authority. If you read and understand the cancellation policies, it will be easier for you to buy tickets. To allow the passengers to get a full refund, this airline company has introduced a 24-hour flexible booking policy. This policy is applicable if the ticket is changed or canceled within 24 hours of making a reservation. Apart from the full refund, this United Airlines cancellation policy also allows the passengers to change their bookings without paying anything to the air authority. If your ticket is entitled to the refund facility, you will be able to cancel your flight without paying any penalty. And that is too the original ticket price. You will have to wait up to seven days for a refund if you are not following the 24-hour rule. However, the refundable tickets are slightly expensive compared to the non-refundable ones.

You are not likely to get a refund if you have purchased a non-refundable ticket. If you are canceling your ticket under this circumstance, you will not get any refund from the air authority. Instead, you can put the ticket toward a new ticket if you pay the change fee. The change fee varies between $50 and $150. Your change fee will be depending on the type of change you are making and your destination. United Airlines will provide you with a refund, after deducting the processing fee of $50, in the case of unplanned events, such as an urgent meeting, injury, or the death of a traveling companion. But yes, you are supposed to make an application.

If the cancellation is made for an insurance covered person, you will be entitled to get the reimbursement from the insurance company. While booking a ticket or group of tickets, you will get the opportunity of purchasing travel insurance that is likely to protect you in the occasion of change or cancellation. The insurance will cover the cost of accommodations, medical assistance, and additional unexpected travel expenses.


United Airlines Refund Policy

The passengers might get the opportunity to get a full refund, a partial refund or no refund. It all depends on the type of ticket that was purchased. United Airlines has a 24-hour cancellation policy which applies to the passengers if he/she is changing or canceling the ticket within 24 hours of making a reservation. Apart from the full refund, this policy also allows the passengers to change their bookings without paying anything to the air authority.

If you have a refundable ticket, you are going to get a refund if you are canceling it within seven days of making the reservation. In the case of a non-refundable ticket, you will not get any refund as per the United Airlines refund policy. Instead, of giving you a refund, United Airlines cuts the change fee and provides the passengers with the facility to invest the money for a future travel. The change fee varies between $50 and $150.


A few tricks to avoid change and cancellation fees 

A genuine way to avoid airline change and cancellation fee is to go through the 24-hour cancellation policy and remember it. Consider your credit card coverage in booking your ticket and do not pay the cancellation fee before the airline is insisting on you. If you are making a cancellation, you need to have a solid reason behind it. Nevertheless, earning elite status is another reliable way of avoiding extra expenses in changing or canceling tickets. 

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