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How to Cancel Copa Airlines Flight Ticket? [Cancellation & Refund Policy]

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Copa Airlines is the flag carrier airline of Panama, the airlines is the subsidiary of Copa Holdings, S.A. Airlines headquarter is located in Panama City, Panama operated in 81 destinations and their official website is The frequent flyer program run by the airlines is Connect miles. The airlines provide world-class service and to fly with the airlines one has to get the reservation done which can be done by being on the official website, at the counter or through the travel agent


How to cancel Copa Airlines Flight Ticket?

As we are in 21st-century plans are made instantly and dropped instantly which does not mean that one cannot get the reservation canceled however what is important is one should be aware of the cancellation procedure which is as follows –


  • To the cancel the flight, one has to be sure how the ticket is booked, if the same was done through the travel agent, one will be required to get in touch with the agency, if it was done online or at the counter, please take the following steps
  • One has to ensure that they are on the official page
  • Among the available options click on services at the top of the page
  • From the options listed click on Reservation Centre
  • In the given field one will be required to enter the Reservation number or e-ticket
  • While entering the reservation number or the e-ticket number, please do not write 230 or the final verification digit and click on continue
  • One will be required to fill all the other details as instructed and please follow the instructions to the cancellation done.
  • It will include all the steps as refund request, passenger selection, request details, verification, and conformation

Copa Airlines Cancellation Policy 

One has to very diligent while booking the ticket because the cancellation depends on various factors and because of which the policy is in place

  • First and foremost, one has to ensure if the ticket is refundable or not
  • In case of refundable ticket, one can cancel the flight however it has to be through proper documentation be used and the refund will be according to the price terms
  • In case of partially used ticket, one may or may not get the refund depending on the fare rule applied at the time of purchase
  • In case of nonrefundable ticket, if the flight gets canceled by the airlines then can be used in the booking of a new flight under the same passenger details

The customers of Copa airlines have a facility to hold the payment for 24 hours and the same has to be paid after the duration is completed and the changes in the fare ticket will be applicable.


Copa Airlines Refund Policy  

In simple words, if one has canceled the reservation, and does not want to go with the further booking can expect the refund based on refund policy

  • In the case of refundable tickets, refunds are processed easily.
  • The refund request should be placed within the validation of the ticket.
  • Even in case of the refundable ticket, there are some charges attached as taxes and so forth which cannot be refunded.
  • In death cases, the refund can be claimed by the immediate family members which comprises of spouse, children, and parents.
  • In the case of illness, one should have a proper description from the doctor clearly stating that one cannot travel.
  • The refund will be processed in the form the payment was received at the time of booking.
  • In case of nonrefundable ticket, the amount charged to the customer for the additional services, if the payment was done using the credit card the same will be promptly refunded however in case if the same was made using cash or check the refund will happen within 20 days from the time the request for the refund was placed.


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