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How to Cancel British Airways Flight Ticket? [Cancellation & Refund Policy]

Wednesday, 27 November, 2019 233 Views

Now, you can Experience more delight in more destinations by flying with British Airways. Touring on a fleet size of 279 across 180+ destinations, British Airways has much more to elaborate about its unique feature. Allowing from check in to cancellation policy and also from booking to reservation facility, British Airways will serve according to the passenger's comfort and demand.

Maybe you may require canceling the ticket in certain circumstances and now unable to find the correct path or link to get the cancellation without any charges. Before executing the cancellation on British Airways, you must be well aware of the cancellation policy which will save from being charged with higher interest.

British Airways Cancellation Policy

  1. The cancellation is only valid if the passenger carries the booked ticket and also must have received it.
  2. If the passenger has booked the flight from British airways official web page and now requires canceling then he must go according to British airways policy.
  3. The passengers can even cancel a flight by calling on the customer support number. You just have to carry your booking reference number as well as your last name.
  4. To make cancellation online, just simply visit the manage booking page and go for cancellation
  5. In case you cancel after 24 hours then British airways will charge an amount of cancellation as per 24 hours policy.
  6. The cancellation amount is being calculated according to the fare of British Airways. You are liable to pay the extra amount charged while following the cancellation.

How will you cancel the British Airways Flight Ticket?

  1. Put your cap on to visit the British Airways official web page.
  2. Choose the “manage booking” option from the list of options on the upper navigation bar.
  3. In this section, you will find multiple options such as “refund the flight”, “rebook the flight”, “cancellation” etc.
  4. Pick up the correct option accordingly to cancel the flight. Move to the screen of canceling the flight.
  5. Fill up the entire details and information along with your name, contact, and details.
  6. After this, you need to set up the flight details which is to be canceled
  7. Confirm to make the instant cancellation. Also, grab the refund chance if you cancel before 24 hours or else a week.

In case you are confused with the refund system that how it works. You may look here for the British Airways refund policy. Make sure you should not cancel the flight without knowing about the refund policy as well as you may lose a great amount.

British Airways Refund policy

  1. You can only make a refund on the official web screen of British Airways.
  2. Refund is possible if British airways make changes in the aircraft or else the amount are paid and passenger disagrees of paying the amount on reselecting the seat.
  3. If the cancellation takes within or before 48 hours then the airways will automatically refund the entire amount in your wallet.
  4. Once the cancellation is done, you may also receive the amount within 7 business days.


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