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How to Cancel Austrian Airlines Flight Ticket? [Cancellation & Refund Policy]

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Austrian Airlines is the flag carrier of Austria and a subsidiary of Lufthansa Group. The airline is a member of Star Alliance. The airlines provide services in 130 destinations has its headquarter located at Schwechat, Austria Jurisdiction, Vienna. The airline has its frequent flyer program by the name of Miles and More. The airlines have the option to get the reservation done online or the same can be done at the counter as well

How to Cancel Austrian Airline Flight Ticket?

While making the reservation, one common thing which crosses our mind that where the same can be canceled if need be, yes by taking the steps as follows -

· One has to go on the official page and sign in the account

· Click on the customer support link

· Click on the trip which one is looking to cancel

· Once selected click on cancellation link

· Before the conformation one can review the same and can check the amount of refund and click OK.


Austrian Airline Cancellation Policy  

The airline has kept the policy very simple and not the tedious one, as we all know that cancellation can happen in any unforeseen situation however it is all the more important that one is aware of the policy some of important points are mentioned right below-


· If one is processing the cancellation within the 24 hours, then one can expect complete amount will be refunded if the fare policy will match up with the cancellation policy and this has also been experienced that Refundable tickets are costlier than the normal ticket

· Cancellation also depends on the destination one is traveling to and other factors as the date of the cancellation and the fare policy of the ticket

· To avoid any miscalculation regarding the time, it is always advisable to go through the fare policies beforehand.

Austrian Airline Refund Policy 

Refund request should be placed only once the ticket has been canceled however some important points to look into the same areas following

· First and very important point to know is if the ticket is refundable or not

· In case of refundable ticket, partial ticket which is not used can be refunded and the same can be done by summiting the ticket and the documents

· The request for the refund can be raised by filling the form on the official website of the airline

· The payment will be refunded the way in which it was booked in case it was booked using credit card the same will be refunded within the span of 7 days from the day the request was placed however in case the payment was made by cash or check it will take 20 business days from the day the request has been placed

· In the case, the flight has been canceled by the airline, one can expect a refund from the airline in terms of the cancellation compensation.

· Airline makes a constant effort to keep the individual posted in regards to the refund process.

· At the time of booking the flight, if the individual has not used any coupon then carrier charges, taxes and fees are refunded.


Even if the individual is still in the baffling situation one look for the help which is just the call away by dialing the reservation department of Austrian Airlines and the expert will ensure that all concern will be taken care aptly as the airlines provides its services 24 by 7 just to ensure that their customers should get hand-on experience.


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