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How to Bypass Screen Time Restrictions on iPhone?

Thursday, 6 June, 2019 671 Views
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Helen Garner

Thursday, 6 June, 2019

How To Bypass Screen Time Restrictions On iPhone?


Screen time is a new feature that is introduced by Apple in its iOS 12 devices. This features helps limit your child’s time spent on games or different apps. While this feature helps track how much time your child spend on gaming apps, it will also prevent your child’s access to certain apps and games after the allowed time limit is exhausted. Via using Family Share function on iOS 12 devices you can be able to take advantage of this new feature from Apple.


However, this feature is not a hundred percent full proof method as there are reported a bunch of workarounds from around the world to bypass the screen time limit. This article is going to share some of these methods with you using which you can easily get past the screen time limit on iOS 12 devices. Let’s check them out here!


  1. When you run out of the time and thus your game or application gets locked, you can use a very simple method to keep enjoying it. Just remove your application or game from the phone’s memory and now, head to App Store so that you can download this previously installed game or app via using cloud icon. You will be surprised seeing that your game or app is now running without limitations.


So, what works behind this trick? Actually, when you delete an already downloaded application or game, it does not require the same permission or screen time limit directions. So, when you reinstall it, your favourite application or gaming app will not tied down to limits and thus it works freely.


  1. Another method that lets users bypass screen time limit requires few easy steps that are described below:


Attach your smartphone to a computer with a charger

Download PinFinder. This is a free application available for finding the restrictions pass code to any app.

Now, backup your cell phone

Load this backup into the PinFinder. Shortly after this, thee app will tell you the restrictions pass code that you can memorize or write down on a paper for later use.


  1. Similarly, you can use YouTube to iMessage videos on your number. Now, inside the iMessage app, you can watch these videos in your free time.


So, these are few simple tricks for bypassing the screen time limit on Apple iOS 12 smartphones. You can use any of these workarounds to keep enjoying your favourite app or game.

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