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How do I Recover Lost Gmail Account password? Forgot Gmail Password

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There are various significant changes to the way for recovery the Google Account Recovery during 2016. That means that you get more process of account recovery, for example, you find several and additional platforms to help you such as Gmail Help Centre, Gmail Help Forums.

If you forget your password, then here are a few methods to lost password recovery:

Here is a unique content about ‘How to recover Gmail Account password’ (such as password recovery by phone number, alternative email using security questions).


Gmail Password Recovery:

You’ve to go to the Gmail sign-in page then enter your email address.

Next, click the ‘Forgot Password’ link.


Gmail Password Recovery by Phone Number:   

  • Firstly, on your Android phone, open the ‘Settings App’ Google Gmail Account.
  • Then, tap ‘Security’, under ‘ways we can verify it’s you’ and tap ‘Recovery Phone’.
  • Next, you might need to sign-in.
  • Now, from here add ‘Recovery phone’ and follow the steps that are on the screen.

You can go to the Account Recovery Page and start the recovery process.

Don’t be feeling helpless, Google is offering ample of ways to recover Google account and data. When you go to Google Account Recovery Page, there you’ve to choose ‘I don’t know my password’ then click ‘Continue’. If you associated a phone number to your Gmail account here, you can request a verification code sent in a text message or you can answer security questions in option ‘Verify your identity’.


Gmail Password Recovery by Security Questions:

  • First of all, enter the last password that you remember.
  • Then, get verification code via text/ phone call.
  • Next, confirm the phone number you provided in our security settings.
  • Now, Google would send an email having a one-time verification code to email.

In case you forget your email, ID and don’t have any recovery information like a phone number or question for security, might be you can able to search your username if you have used your email account recently in a browser. Now, find your web browser’s history for Inbox or Gmail to look out your Gmail address. It is a technical issue is your full email address or the first part of it used before @ character is your username.


Gmail Password Recovery  using Alternative  email ID:

If you haven’t access to your recovery email, phone or other options, no problem. You can recover the Gmail password manually via go through the verification process. After visiting Google Account Recovery Page and following instructions then you achieve success in Google Account Recovery.

Way 5

You can work with Google accounts, G Suite or Google Apps, these might be quicker and simple to reinstate your account access soon as you contact the administer of your the domain of resetting your password & account back.

Way 6

If your account is hacked or some suspicious activity happens then to recover account back just follow these steps:

Sign-in to your account but unable to sign-in then go to Account Recovery Page for better help, their tips would be a help.

You can use the account page if someone changed your account information, your account is deleted or maybe you can’t sign-in for another issue.

You have learned various ways to the recovery of Gmail Account. Now you have to secure your account from mischievous activities in the future, thus activate the 2-step verification.

Two-step verification

You  will get major benefit of using the two-step verification is that is needed both a password as well as a verification code to successfully access your account. This process can give you an extra level of security which will help you keep all the cybercriminals out of your account. These steps which have been given below and provided by Gmail customer service must be used by all the users.  Ways to how to set-up Gmail Two-step verification: -

1.    Go to Settings in your account.

2.    Then select Turn on Two-Step Verification.

Enter the phone number and the method by which you wish to receive the code. Either by text message or call.


The best way to recover Google Account is never lost any data and ensure of you’ve secured 100% Gmail account recovery.            

There is a Suggestion to all users who are tuned with the Gmail customer service.  The technical terms are getting visible as the days passes which are quite technical to understand by a user so, in the age of mobile, you can take help by Gmail Customer Service. This service includes Gmail customer service phone number where anyone can call on, Email Support and Online chat Support. Gmail customer service experts are working 24/7.

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