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Hotmail Password Recovery Steps| Forgot Account Password| Reset

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As long as we are getting appended with social tools such as networking sites, emails and all the necessity of account security is a quintessential factor. Often users forgot their email address, username and sometimes recovery turns hectic. But don’t worry here you will be getting Hotmail account recovery solutions with the best possible measures.

This article will provide you guidelines regarding following account recovery issues:

1.     Recover Hotmail Account if forgot password

2.     Recover Hotmail Account if forgot the username

3.     Recover Hotmail account if your account is hacked

Do read the given instructions carefully and figure out your issue.

1.    Recover Hotmail Account if forgot password

  • Visit the password reset page of Hotmail in your browser.
  • Then you will get a prompt regarding Why can't you sign in followed by three options.
  • Click on the first checkbox option I forgot my password and hit on Next tab.
  • Further, you will receive Recover your account alert on your screen. Enter your email or phone or Skype name in the given field.
  • In order to verify yourself input the characters, you see below the email text field in Enter the characters you see and hit on the Next tab.
  • Then you will be redirected to We need to verify your identity. Choose your account recover alternative.
  • Hit on either email or text. In case you haven’t registered for any backup phone number you will only get an email option.
  • And if you have none of the given options, click on I don’t have any of these checkboxes and hit on the Next tab.
  • Input your full email address or last four digits of your phone number in the given field and click on Send code.
  • In Verify your identity prompt enter your recovery code and click on the Next tab.
  • Set your new password, it should be at least of minimum 8-characters and case sensitive and reconfirm your password. Hit on Next tab.
  • Further, you will be redirected to the sign-in page and sign-in your account with a new password.


2.    Recover Hotmail Account if forgot username

  •   Enquire any of your friends, maybe they have sent an email to that particular address in the        past if they still have it.
  •  You can also check your browser. Most probably you have saved your passwords at any place   and used it as a username.
  •  You can also monitor your other email accounts also in case you have received from that   username or forwarded any email on it.
  •  Check your old online accounts in order to retrieve if it’s still listed in the profile page.


3.    Recover Hotmail account if your account is hacked

If your account is hacked change your password if you have access to it. The password change option is noted above. Otherwise, you can also try to regain access to your account. Following are the steps to regain access:

  • Visit on the Microsoft account login page and hit on forget password link.
  • You will be redirected to the account recovery page and click on I think someone else is using my Microsoft account checkbox and hit on Next tab.
  • Enter your email address that is under the scanner, further, input the characters in the given field and tap on Next tab.
  • Choose the mode to receive the security code either your email or phone number and hit on Next tab.
  • Enter the security verification code and you will be drifted to reset your password page.
  • In case if you don’t have any backups registered with your Hotmail account hit on I don’t have any of these and you will be redirected to Recover your Microsoft Account page.
  • Input a username in the requisite field and hit on Next tab. Remember the username you have entered, you still have its access.
  • Then complete the form with more requisite details as much as you can and hit on the Submit tab.
  • And after 24 hours you will get a reset password link. If not, there is an error in the given info you will receive an email regarding error.
  • Reset your password and it should be of minimum 8 characters as well as case sensitive.

Well, you can easily recover your Hotmail account using the following guidelines. But still, if you lag at a particular point you can contact the Customer Service Number team. They have experts dealing with specific domains and will guide you with advanced solutions in the best possible manner. You can contact them round the clock. Hotmail Customer Service Number is available on their official dashboard, you can easily fetch from there.

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