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Google Account Recovery Steps Using for Help

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Click the helpful link for Google Account Recovery Help 

Google is pretty collaborative with it’s users to recover their data. Google offers a variety of means to recover your Google account. This article will make you walk through all the possible guidelines to recover your account. There can several causes due to which you aren’t able to access your account. But you need not to worry. Here you will get all the possible solutions to recover your Google account.

Do carefully follow the Google account recovery steps and hope this article works as a one stop solution for you.

Forgot password:

    • Visit Google account support page.

    • Enter your email address and tap next.

    • You will get a box asking you to enter password.

    • Since you don’t remember password click “forgot password”.

   • You will get an alert regarding enter the last password you  remember, skip it and tap “try another way”.

   • Next you will have a prompt asking you to confirm phone number registered with your Google account.

    • Enter your phone number and click to send.

    • Once you get verification code, enter in order into the box provided to verify yourself.

Don’t remember your username:

    • Access Google account login page.

    • You will get a prompt to enter either your phone number or recovery email address and click next.

   • An alert will ask you to enter your first and last name, click next

   • You will receive a prompt regarding “Get verification code” on your registered phone number with your Google account, tap to send.

   • Enter the verification code received, click next.

   • Once after this you will get a bunch of username, opt your respective username.

 Recover your deleted account:

If you have recently deleted your account you may be able to get it back. Follow the given steps to get your account back.

  • Visit Google Account Help page and tap on Follow the steps to recover your account.
  • Do follow the on-screen instructions and enter either your phone number or email address and tap on Next tab.
  • Enter the last password you remember in the provided field and click on Next.
  • Further you will receive a prompt regarding your Gmail account success and click “Continue” to view your Gmail.

Google account unaccessed since 9 months:

If you haven’t operated your Google account approximately since 9 months it has been deleted from Google server. It’s impossible to retrieve deleted accounts and data stored within them.

Secure a hacked or compromised account:

Before stepping to any other platform you are required to have following information:

       ·Last password you remember

       ·Recovery email

       ·Recovery phone number

       ·Answers of security questions

       ·When you have last access to your account

If you haven’t set up any recovery email, password, security information or any other information that can verify your authenticity, then you cann’t sign-in.

If you are able to sign-in:

You are fortunate if you are able to sign-in. But it can be malicious also. As some intruders are complex to detect and they keep stealing your information. You are required to alter your password.

         ·Visit your Google account page

         ·Under Sign-in & security, tap on signing to Google

         ·Under Password & sign-in method, tap on Password. Confirm your password.

         ·Further change your password and be careful about alphanumeric and special characters.

       ·Go back to your Sign-in & security page and verify your recovery email, phone number and    security questions.

         ·It would be best to update these information.

        ·After resetting your password you can add more security covers to your account by adding other security features.

If you are not able to sign-in:

  • Visit Google Account recovery page.
  • Enter your email address and tap on Next tab. You will be redirected to password prompt page.
  • If you cann’t remember your password, click on Try different question.
  • Enter either your recovery email or phone number and click on send.
  • A verification code will be sent on your mobile or email.
  • You can even try any security question. Last option is you can use any other email you have access.
  • Change your password.
  • Once you are signed in walk through the security check. Make sure to check and update all the security information.

Once your account is recovered you must add some extra security fabrics to your account. Best option is two-factor authentication.

You can visit official page of Google support for information regarding account recovery. There you will get more links for account recovery. For further information you may contact with their support team.

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