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Delta Air Lines Frequent Flyer Program | Loyalty Program- Features

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Delta Airlines, which is the sixth-oldest operating airline in the United States, enables the air travel aspirants to take the benefit of Delta's frequent flyer program with all the official members of Sky Team alliance. A passenger can also book his/her tickets with miles provided by Amex Membership Rewards as it transferred to Delta SkyMiles at a 1:1 ratio. Delta is currently serving 300 plus destinations based on a fleet of 900 plus aircraft, including McDonnell Douglas MD-90, Boeing 767, Boeing 717, Boeing 757, McDonnell Douglas MD-88, etc. If you want to make a trip in the U.S., Alaska, or Canada with 5,000 miles one-way routes, you will be able to take the benefit of this frequent flyer program. However, the Delta miles can be earned without any transferring charge if the passenger is using American Express Delta SkyMiles Credit Cards.


What is SkyMiles Frequent-Flyer Program?


SkyMiles, the frequent-flyer program run by Delta Air Lines, offers miles or points to the passengers traveling on most of the fare types. It also enables the Delta co-branded credit cards users to enjoy the same facility. Delta introduced it in 1981 as Delta Air Lines Frequent Flyer Program. In 1995, the airline management changed its name to SkyMiles in 1995. Accepted by millions of users, Delta Air Lines SkyMiles Frequent Flyer Program is blessed with a long-range of features. Let’s explore some of its unique features here.


Unique features of Delta Air Lines SkyMiles Frequent Flyer Program


  • This frequent flyer program never expires.
  • This frequent flyer program doesn’t have blackout dates.
  • SkyMiles program is known as the simplest rewards program.
  • This frequent flyer program gives immense flexibility to the passengers.
  • This frequent flyer program offers some additional perks to the travel aspirants.
  • SkyMiles program ensures a pleasant travel experience from start to finish.
  • This frequent flyer program enables the SkyMiles members to upgrade to first class.
  • The SkyMiles members who travel often enough can reach Medallion status easily.


SkyMiles Partnerships


Delta Air Lines SkyMiles frequent flyer program has partnerships with Hawaiian Airlines, Royal Air Maroc, Gol Transportes Aéreos, SilkAir (SkyMiles Asia only), Virgin Australia, Virgin Atlantic, WestJet, Thai AirAsia (SkyMiles Asia only), Indonesia AirAsia (SkyMiles Asia only), Skymark Airlines (SkyMiles Japan only), and Jetstar Asia Airways (SkyMiles Asia only).


Delta Airlines same-day standby rules


Delta has a same-day standby rule which allows the passengers with Platinum, Diamond, and Gold Medallion membership to enjoy the standby facility for a flight any time on the same day of their original flight. It does not allow passengers to make routing changes. If you have made your reservation and the flight is cancelled or not available, you can get the benefit of same-day standby within 24 hours before the departure time. However, the change to a standby flight, which starts from 12 am to 11:59 pm on the same day, is only permitted based on the original ticketed paid cabin.


Delta passenger care professionals to help you in your SkyMiles membership


Delta Airlines has introduced a passenger care that aims in ensure the hassle-free journey for the domestic and overseas passengers. The officials of this passenger care are helping the travel aspirants in getting SkyMiles membership in no time. Not only the Delta Air Lines loyalty program and standby policy, the passenger care professionals are also committed to helping you in knowing Delta Airlines delay accommodation policy, cheapest Delta flight booking policy, Delta food & beverage policy, Delta Airlines group travel, Delta last-minute flight booking practices, etc.

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