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Cancel Cathay Pacific Flight Ticket- Cancellation Policy, Fee & Refund Process

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Cancellations can occur in two ways such as cancellation through Cathay Pacific airlines or else by the traveler. This kind of issue also depends on why and when you want to cancel your booked ticket and what sort of ticket you had bought. Each traveler wants to feel free to customize the plans that are based on their own comfort and needs. Let us learn about the policy in regards to your cancellation. 

Determine the Cathay Pacific Airlines Cancellation Policy

In accordance with the Cathay pacific 24-hour cancellation policy, you can cancel the travel within 24 hours and get back the entire amount with our refund process. After this, you can also make the booking within the 7 days or earlier before departure via the internet connection.

In case you have missed the connection due to delayed incoming flight, or technical issue, then the airline may:

  • Change or re-book your ticket on the next available flight without any fee charge.
  • Refund your entire ticket price if you no longer want to fly.
  • Re-route you to the destination by another facility under comparable and comfortable conditions.
  • Pay for hotel accommodation and serve the transport facility to and from the hotel on the discounted fares. 

Grab the few key points which describe how one cancels Cathay Airlines ticket

It’s easy to find out how one can cancel the Cathay Pacific Airlines ticket but certain ways are formed to cancel it easily. Let’s discuss,

Cancel the ticket through online procedure

  • Hit on the “Change Booking” button on the airline’s website. Then, type the ticket number and then the last name on the reservation.
  • Choose the Cancel option and focus to accept the requests that the airline asks you to confirm. Go through the refund instructions if your ticket is refundable.
  • It makes sense that one can cancel the flight by Phone

You need to connect with the customer service number of the Cathay Pacific airlines. And ask to provide the     six-digit ticket number and information related to your booked ticket.

Ask for the refund amount so that the support executive can make further process respectively.

Make the cancellation at the ticket office

  • Get in touch with the travel agency where you can cancel the ticket on the spot.
  • Get clear information about the cancellation policy and make quick changes in your itinerary and get the entire refund.

Different ways are discovered to keep your journey safe and secure whenever you travel. Therefore one can freely step towards their destination by giving their lives in the hands of Cathay Pacific airlines. Its robust service has always mesmerized the travelers to walk along with each policy made so far.

Feel glad to travel with Cathay Pacific airlines following the Refund policy

  • In case you have booked the ticket directly through Cathay Pacific airlines then you need to fill the refund form by entering the ticket details.
  • If you have already booked the ticket through the third party then you must query before filling the form itself.
  • In the case you have changed the date and time; then a partial refund is being paid to you. The refund will be made in that currency where you have booked the ticket. It may take up to 20 calendar days to receive the refund after the deduction of necessary charges.
  • In the case of credit card and PayPal transaction, it will take around 7 working days to recover.
  • For cash, bank transfer or other criteria of payment it will take around 20 calendar days to refund.

Also, the refund time can get increased depending on the bank.

Cathay Pacific customer service is here to assist you

Now, it’s time to travel to your destination under the best facility of Cathay Pacific considering the flag carrier of Hong Kong. By contacting with Cathay Pacific India Customer Care service number you can book or cancel your tickets with the easiest procedure. You can get in touch directly with Cathay Pacific Toll-Free Number also for receiving updates in regards to new offers or schemes.

This airline serves you First class, Business class, Premium Economy class; Economy class and you can book according to your comfort. Food and beverages are always complimentary on all flights, including two hot meals which will be served by the airlines. For any assistance related to any type of issue and trouble, you are free to dial Cathay Pacific Toll-Free customer service number or Cathay Pacific Customer Care Helpline Number respectively.

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